About Candace


It all started when…

I have always had a interest in skin and how to take care of it, because I realized at a young age that when you properly take care of your skin (inside and out) it really can make a big difference in how you look, feel, and how you age.

The first time I had a facial in a spa for my sweet 16th birthday, I was completely captivated by the entire experience! From the warm table, soft linenes, the aromatic smells, the soothing music... then add the warm steam and facial massage...ahhhhh I was in heaven!!

I loved the way my skin looked and felt. I enjoyed learning from the Esthetician on how to better take care of my skin, how to balance it, so it was neither oily or dry. I also loved the spa environment, and knew I wanted to get into this profession. I want to share my passion and knowledge with others.

I’m a caring, kind, easy-going person. My greatest character quality for this profession is my calm disposition, which helps clients feel relaxed and at ease right away.

With now 10 years of experience, my talent as an esthetician extends beyond clinical knowledge and skills; I believe I now have an intuitive ability to understand a client’s complexion and produce immediate and long lasting results. Whether the concern is acne, scars, dehydration, or aging, I have developed groundbreaking treatments and regimens to keep clients glowing.

I take my time to gather information and analyze each person's skin and give suggestions about which treatment or peel would best suit you. My passion is serving you with the best possible care and best skin care products available.

I believe that my extensive training, passion, and care, paired with the commitment to discover breakthrough, non-invasive treatments, continues to encourage my clients to take care of their skin for their overall health.

My aim is to offer the most effective performance skin treatments combining science and technology cosseted in luxury.